Frederick II was extremely bright and forward-looking for the age when he lived. However, his fame in the contemporary period is not as great as he deserves. My challenge was to tell his story in a way different from history books.


I started reading books and academic papers about Frederick II and I came up to the conclusion that his story could totally fit a board game. Trying to respect as much as possible the historical events of his life, I designed the game roles and mechanism. The final result is a cooperative board game where players play together as members of the court of Frederick II against the game itself, that represents the enemies of the Empire such as the Pope, the Lombard League and other conspirators. After that, I designed all the visual elements of the game. Also in this case, I first studied the iconography of that period. As a reference, I used the De arte venandi cum avibus, an illustrated volum about birds written by Frederick II himself. For the logo, I used the script Gotica Rotunda as a reference, but I changed its shape creating a more geometrical and modern typeface. For the illustrations, I used the miniatures from Frederick II’s work, giving them a more geometrical and modern look.


This project was my final assignment for my graduation. With the presentation of this game, I completed my studies and graduated receiving the highest grade (110/110 cum laude). Now I am considering to improve the design and eventually publish the game.


I’m a Visual Designer working for Quby in the Netherlands