When I first joined the marketing team of Turing Society as Graphic Designer, the association did not have a proper visual identity but only a logo and the related colours. The association was already quite well-know and identified with those specific colours and style. Accordingly, in order to create their visual identity, it was essential not to neglect those originary elements.


Before starting my project, I made a research on the existing elements, the feedbacks from surveys created on purpose and the needs of the association. My conclusion was that a dynamic visual identity would be the most suitable solution for Turing Society. One of the reasons behind this choice is that the Association is divided into several chapters with different scopes.


During the years I worked for Turing Society, the association grew and expanded exponentially. Every year, more people join the events organized by Turing in Lithuania, the Netherlands and Mexico. Through my support in the marketing team, I am proud to say I have been part of the growth of Turing in the earliest stage of its existence.

My Role

As a graphic designer for Turing Society, I designed the visual identity, logo, icons, illustrations, colour palette and website. Moreover, I also helped making advertising for social media and some deliverables like brochures and business cards.


I’m a Visual Designer working for Quby in the Netherlands